5.0 TRI

Tracked Minitransporter

Width Hydraulic earth auger

Model 5.0 TRI

Hydraulic earth auger for setting posts, planting saplings, and installing supports for building or gardening work.

Max travel height 68,50″(174cm)
Max width 29,13″(74cm)
Max length (operator platform closed) 79,13″(201cm)
Track width 29,13″(74cm)
Undercarriage weight 704 lb (320 kg)
Earth auger weight 264 lb (120 kg)
Overall weight 968 lb (440 kg)
Type Hydraulic
Speed Slow 1,3 mi/h (2,1 km/h)
Fast 3 mi/h (4,8 km/h)
Tipping Hydraulic
Max Pressure 2320 psi (160bar)
Auger bit rotation speed 475 rpm
Standard helical earth auger bit D=5,90″ (150 mm)
L =29,52″ (750 mm)
Optional helical earth auger bit D=3,93″/7,87″
(100/200 mm)
Drilling depth 23,62″/25,98″
(600/660 mm)
Effective bore size Diameter=5,90″/6,30″
(150/160 mm)
Horsepower Code
Honda petrol engine with manual starting 9 hp G09H
Honda petrol engine with electric starting 9 hp GE09H
Yanmar diesel engine with electric starting 7 hp E07Y