5.0 GRU 150.4-R

Tracked Minitransporter

With M50 Swap Body Crane with 4 Extensions on 4 Hydraulics Outriggers

Model 5.0 GRU 150.4-R

Small size and big performance: 2180/550 lb (990/250 kg) in the version with 3 hydraulic extensions + 1 manual extension, with radio remote control. The ideal response for loading and unloading all types of materials, from gardening to building, the nautical sector, electrical and/or plumbing work, and also for maintenance work and DIY applications.

Max travel height 72,44″(184cm)
Max width 30,70″(78cm)
Max length (operator platform closed) 82,67″(210cm)
Track width 29,13″(74cm)
Undercarriage weight 704 lb (320 kg)
Earth auger weight 1320 lb (600 kg)
Overall weight 2024 lb (920 kg)
Type Hydraulic
Speed Slow 1,3 mi/h (2,1 km/h)
Fast 3 mi/h (4,8 km/h)
Tipping Hydraulic
Max Pressure 2320 psi (160bar)
Lifting Capacity 10.000 ft/lbs (14 kNm)
Boom sections 3 – hydraulics + 1 manual
Max deployed height 15,75′ (680 cm)
Max outriggers footprint 12,5’x 12,5′
(380 x 380 cm)
Max lift 2180 lb/550 lb
(990 kg/250 kg)
Type Radio remote control
Frequency 434 MHz
Horsepower Code
Honda petrol engine with electric starting 9 hp GE09H
Yanmar diesel engine with electric starting 7 hp E07Y