5.0 DP

Tracked Minitransporter

With Hydraulic Dumper

Model 5.0 DP

Rugged and versatile mini dumper in powder-coated steel with hydraulic dumping movement; essential for farming, gardening, and building work. Payload 1100 lb (500 kg) (payload reduced to 770 lb (350 kg) on gradients in excess of 30%), dumper volume 8.8ft3 (0.25 m3).

Height at controls/shovel 46,85″(119 cm)
Max width 29,18″(74cm)
Max length (operator platform closed) 67,32″(171cm)
Track width (operator platform closed) 29,13″(74cm)
Payload 1100 lb (500 kg)
Payload on gradients in excess of 30% 770 lb (350 kg)
Dry Weight 834 lb (379 kg)
Type Hydraulic
Speed Slow 1,3 mi/h (2,1 km/h)
Fast 3 mi/h (4,8 km/h)
Tipping Hydraulic
Max Pressure 2320 psi (160bar)
Effective length 37,40″ (95cm)
Effective width 21,26″ (54cm)
Effective height 21,65″ (55cm)
Volume 8.8ft3  (0,25cm3)
Horsepower Code
Honda petrol engine with manual starting 9 hp G09H
Honda petrol engine with electric starting 9 hp GE09H
Yanmar diesel engine with electric starting 7 hp DE07Y