5.0 CR

Tracked Minitransporter

With Farm Body and Hydraulic Winch.

Model 5.0 CR

Tipping farm body with removable and/or fold-down sides for the transport of all types of materials, from lumber to fruit crates, hay or aggregate

Height at controls/shovel 46,85″(119 cm)
Max width 31,10″(79 cm)
Max length (operator platform closed) 70,90″(180 cm)
Track width (operator platform closed) 29,13″(74 cm)
Payload 1100 lb (500 kg)
Payload on gradients in excess of 30% 770 lb (350 kg)
Dry Weight 849 lb (386 kg)
Type Hydraulic
Speed Slow 1,3 mi/h (2,1 km/h)
Fast 3 mi/h (4,8 km/h)
Tipping Hydraulic
Max Pressure 2320 psi (160bar)
Length of bed with sides
(98/133 cm)
Width of bed with sides
(65/135 cm)
Height of sides 21,26″ (54 cm)
Horsepower Code
Honda petrol engine with manual starting 9 hp G09H
Honda petrol engine with electric starting 9 hp GE09H
Yanmar diesel engine with electric starting 7 hp DE07Y